“No one is an island, entire of itself. Everyone is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”

Inspired by English 17th century poet John Donne, this phrase expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others, and that they need to be part of a community to thrive. With this philosophy in mind, we have conceived THE FACULTY as a place to bring people together. By organising our own activities, we would like to bring together the new tenants, and together build a community.

Virtual or physical meetings? A conference room available when you need one

With six conference rooms and a coworking space for 25 external collaborators, THE FACULTY offers you the possibility to put together your own office puzzle, completely adapted to your needs. While you can give your core collaborators a fixed spot in your private office, there will always be a spot available for your remote workers or business relations. An occasional larger meeting can easily be held in one of the six conference rooms. Whether you plan a physical meeting, a hybrid one, or any hybrid form in between, our conference rooms offer all possibilities and are equipped with the latest communication technology.

Pasteur Auditorium, 2nd floor
Pasteur Auditorium, 2nd floor 200 places
Lamarck Meeting room, floor -1
Lamarck Meeting room, floor -1 20 places
Brogniez Luxury meeting room, floor -1
Brogniez Luxury meeting room, floor -1 10 places
Seroen Workshop room, floor -1
Seroen Workshop room, floor -1 20 places
Thiernesse Workshop room, floor -1
Thiernesse Workshop room, floor -1 20 places
Bourgelat Luxury meeting room, floor -1
Bourgelat Luxury meeting room, floor -1 6 places
Mezzanine Luxury meeting room, 2nd floor
Mezzanine Luxury meeting room, 2nd floor 20-40 places
Melsens Leasure area, floor -1
Melsens Leasure area, floor -1 20 places

Room 1: Pasteur

Auditorium, 2nd floor
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Room 2: Lamarck

Meeting room, floor -1
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Room 3: Brogniez

Luxury meeting room, floor -1
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Room 4: Seroen

Workshop room, floor -1
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Room 5: Thiernesse

Workshop room, floor -1
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Room 6: Bourgelat

Luxury meeting room, floor -1
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Room 7: Virchow

Luxury meeting room, 2nd floor
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Room 8: Melsens

Leasure area, floor -1
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The ideal venue for your professional event

Of course, the possibility to plan meetings or organise professional events at THE FACULTY is also open to outsiders. In the stylish setting of the auditorium with its historical murals, every presentation is shown to its best advantage. What is more, the six meeting rooms and mezzanine can be used as break-out rooms to facilitate working in smaller groups for a workshop or a brainstorming. It goes without saying that you can book the conference rooms separately or in combination with the auditorium or mezzanine. While you are free to collaborate with a catering partner of your choice, you can always count on our in-house caterer for all your catering needs, whether you would like a croissant with your welcome coffee, a lunch buffet or a walking dinner…

…or to break your daily routine

In the restaurant on the second floor you can enjoy the unobstructed view on the inner garden and on the stately bourgeois houses on the boulevard in front of the building. In other words: the ideal location for you to break the routine or to invite a business relation to lunch. Daily, you can choose from a varied selection of lunch options and snacks.

A little piece of history

While the main building, built in its majestic Neo-Renaissance style, dates back to 1903, the veterinary site was only completed and inaugurated in 1909. Until 1991, the building of THE FACULTY kept its function as main building of the veterinary school until the faculty moved out and left the site empty. Its transformation into a contemporary business and conference centre has been done with the greatest respect for historical details while strictly adhering to low energy standards to help us spread your positive image. The auditorium, once the backdrop for academic meetings and lectures, is now the impressive setting for a wide range of business events such as presentations, seminars, receptions, walking dinners…

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak

To do the historical character of the building justice, we have chosen to confide the interior design to renowned architect and interior designer Alain Berteau. His innovative products and creative strategies have been widely appreciated, and he is also creative director for OBJEKTEN SYSTEMS. The office spaces in THE FACULTY will all be equipped with furniture from this modular line. With ease, you can adapt and modify the furniture in order to put together the furniture puzzle completely adapted to your company’s needs. The sleek forms, soft materials and great attention to detail form the perfect combination with the historical mosaic floors and woodwork.