Meeting rooms and event spaces to bring people together

“No one is an island, entire of itself. Everyone is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” With this phrase, 17th century English poet John Donne expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others, and that they need to be part of a community to thrive. With this philosophy in mind, we have conceived THE FACULTY as a place to bring people together. 

Opportunities for inspiration, networking  and growth

THE FACULTY is also home to the Erasmus Business Club, which focuses on the vibrant economic life in the South of Brussels and in the Southern outskirts of the capital. With a varied program of activities in response to social and economic evolutions, they offer regular opportunities for the exchange of ideas and networking.

Erasmus Business Club

A meeting room available when you need one

Whether you choose your own office space or a place in the co-working area, you can always count on one of the seven conference rooms to hold your meetings. Whether your meeting takes a physical, virtual or hybrid form, the rooms are fully equipped in terms of communication technology.

Pasteur 200 places
Mezzanine 20-40 places
Event space
Restaurant 100 places
Event space
Melsens 20 places
Leasure area
Lamarck 20 places
Meeting room
Brogniez 10 places
Meeting room
Seroen 20 places
Workshop room
Thiernesse 20 places
Workshop room
Bourgelat 6 places
Meeting room

The ideal venue for your professional event

In the stylish setting of the auditorium with its historical murals, every presentation is shown to its best advantage. What is more, the seven meeting rooms and mezzanine can be used as break-out rooms to facilitate working in smaller groups for a workshop or a brainstorming. It goes without saying that you can book the conference rooms separately or in combination with the auditorium, restaurant or mezzanine.

...and for culinary experiences in an exceptional setting

From a croissant with your welcome coffee to a lunch buffet for a meeting or for your staff to a walking dinner, you can always count on the advice and service of our reliable catering partner.

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak

To do the historical character of the building justice, we confided the interior design to the renowned HASA Architects who, with great respect for the history of the building, integrated a sleek and modern design while strictly adhering to low-energy standards. For the office furniture, we called on the expertise of designer Alain Berteau. As creative director of OBJEKTEN SYSTEMS his innovative products and creative strategies are widely appreciated. The office spaces in THE FACULTY will all be equipped with furniture from this modular line.