Only a few minutes walking away from Brussels Midi train station and close to the inner and outer ring roads, THE FACULTY is easily reachable for any commuter. What is more, you can benefit from direct train connections to London, Paris, Amsterdam and to Brussels airport. Also, the lively city centre and the economically important Anderlecht industrial zone and the southern outskirts are easily reachable. Even though the neighbourhood is less well known, it has a lot to offer and captures our enthusiasm!

An office is more than just four walls, a desk and an internet connection

THE FACULTY wants to provide an answer to questions such as the growing demand for working from home, or the difficulties in mobility and transportation. Also, we want to be more than just a place where you come to wrestle with your next big deadline. We want to be a place for new encounters, for exchanging ideas and for inspiration. That is why we consistently choose for quality above quantity. We combine the inspiring setting of this Neo-Renaissance building, renovated following strict energy efficiency standards and equipped with the latest in communication technology and a contemporary design with natural materials.

Looking to the future: flexible, eco-responsible, low-energy

The office as we know it, is something from the past. In recent years, challenges in mobility and transportation together with innovations in communication technology have led to an increase in external collaborators and a decrease in needed office space. 

THE FACULTY offers flexible solutions for evolving businesses. For example, you could opt for a permanent office space and combine it with co-working places to accommodate all your remote workers and visitors. Situated close to the Brussels Midi station, and equipped with lockers and shower facilities for cyclists, THE FACULTY  is fully prepared to welcome your employees that chose alternative means of transportation.

What is more, THE FACULTY takes energy sufficiency very seriously: it was renovated following strict low-energy standards and has a heating consumption of less than 60 kWh/m². This way, your office can be you ecological business card in a world where the importance of corporate responsibility is on the rise.

The Auditorium: a simple ‘hello’ could lead to a million things

Bringing people together to exchange ideas, to learn from each other, to collaborate… is of capital importance for a company. With an auditorium for 180 people and seven conference rooms, THE FACULTY is offering the possibility to organise seminars, lectures, network events, receptions…

Tailor-made catering for all your needs

From a gala dinner in the prestigious auditorium, a lunch buffet for a meeting or for your employees to welcome coffee with croissant for a workshop, you can always count on the advice and service of our reliable catering partner.

Supported by Europe and the Brussels-Capital Region

The ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) is a tool of European regional policy which aims to create new opportunities for European citizens and to reduce the differences in living standards between regions. It is a solidarity investment tool of the EU, which influences, thanks to European and regional funding, the daily life of all of us.

The Veterinary School has been selected as a priority in the 2007-2013 ERDF programme, with a particular focus on the creation of reception areas for expanding companies and new economic players. "Low-energy renovation" of 2.400 m², a space that is once again accessible to the general public and local residents. In financial terms, the renovation project of the Veterinary School has benefited from a subsidy from the 2007-2013 ERDF Operational Programme of the Brussels Capital Region. The programme's contribution amounts to EUR 2.5 million, 50% of which was covered by the European authorities and 50% by the Region. These are investment subsidies.